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Project: uB-nBr-100


Nanobricks:  Instruments for Nano-Technology R&D.

Status: Under Development; Available for Licensing

Patent: Pending

Description : Advanced Scientific Instruments for characterization, metrology and prototyping of nanodevices, nanomaterials and nanosystems.  Nanobricks is an IP portfolio that includes patents covering novel solutions for high resolution microscopy, high sensitivity motion analysis, high resolution elemental analysis and rapid prototyping of devices, systems and test structures.

Value Proposition: Nanobricks™ is a family of infrastructure based solutions for augmenting the capabilities of analytical and prototyping instruments.  It is a software and hardware based modular architecture for tailoring existent instruments for the needs of researchers engaged in investigations in the nanoscale domain.  It includes optimized assembly, positioning and probing tools such as enhanced optical tweezers and image processing enhanced scanning and optical microscopes.

Markets: R&D Laboratories, Universities, Small Businesses, Hobbyists

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