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We operate as a Research and Development Consulting Organization focused on reducing the risk of emerging miniaturization and evolutionary automation technologies.

We carry out internally generated projects and projects generated by our clients.  We do not compete with our clients, once we accept a project generated by a client we terminate all similar internal efforts, refrain from internally starting similar projects and offer our client access to all our related patents.

We accept projects in which we visualize the complete concept to product pipeline; that is a clear understanding (1) of a realistic prototyping funding levels and (2) of an attainable development timescale, (3) of a scalable product insertion pathway, and (4) of a coherent development effort for friction-less market channels to small and medium volume customers.

We choose all our projects based on the technical competences that our team contributes, mainly (1) Microsystems/MEMS Design, (2) Optoelectronics Integration, (3) Microfluidics Design,  (4) Microelectronics 3-D Integration, (5) Advanced Packaging Design and Development, (6) Devices and Processes Characterization, (7) Device and Heterogenous Assembly Testing and Q&A and (8) Cost Analysis, including Reverse Engineering; and (9) M&A Due Diligence and Business Strategy Support.

We commercialize the products of our internal projects through spin-off organizations in which we only retain an equity position.

We also offer a broad range of management consulting services, mostly around IP Valuations, M&A Support, Operations Realignment and Global Outsourcing.

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