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These is a partial list of currently active projects that our company is pursuing using internal resources, client accounts and/or government funds.

Each of these projects has intellectual property associated to it and is aimed at developing a well defined commercial product or system level solution.

Each of the projects is available for technology transfer through strategic partnerships and licensing.

The main currently active projects are:

1. CardUTrust™ (2005): Biometric Authentication for Access Security, Micro-payments and other Financial Services.

2. BattleWrap™ (2006) : Defense and Security Product and Material System for Military Personnel

3. Optobricks™ (2007): Modular Components for Integrated Optical Circuits

4. Optobricks-FAB™(2010) : Rapid Prototyping System for Optobricks™.

5. Flowbricks™ (2009): Modular Microsystems for Widely Distributed Flow Sensing

6. Biobricks™ (2005) : Modular Microsystems for Rapid Prototyping of Fluidics, Gene Sequencing and Chemical Analysis

7. Softbricks™ (2008) : Software Representation of Heterogeneous Integrated Microsystems that includes a uB-HDL™, a hardware description language we have developed and a library of hybrid solid models that include electronics, sensing and actuation.

8. Nanobricks™ (2010) : Advanced Scientific Instruments for characterization, metrology and prototyping of nanodevices, nanomaterials and nanosystems.  Nanobricks is an IP portfolio that includes patents covering novel solutions for high resolution microscopy, high sensitivity motion analysis, high resolution elemental analysis and rapid prototyping of devices, systems and test structures.

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