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Micro-Engineering Workshops

We teach technical seminars in areas in which we have developed unique expertise, mainly those fields we have pioneered involving Microbricks™.

We currently offer the following Short Courses:

  1. uB-SC-01 Introduction to Microbricks™:  Strategy for Product-Centric Modularization

  2. uB-SC-02 Package-centric Micro-engineering:  Fundamentals and Practical Aspects

  3. uB-SC-03 Evolutionary Automation using Microbricks™ Automated Micro Assembly

  4. uB-SC-04 Design using Microbricks™ Hardware Description Language (uB-HDL)

  5. uB-SC-05 Microbricks™ based Architectures for Systems-in-a-Package (SiP)

The courses last 3 hours and are offered once each quarter over the Internet, hosted by select technical meetings around the world and on-site hosted by universities and R&D centers.

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