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Our Firm

We are  a research and development consulting organization focused on reducing the “productization risk” of micro- and nano-technologies. We aim our engineering, legal and business consulting efforts at rapidly reducing high levels of “technology productization risk” to acceptable levels of “market escalation risk”.

Our Vision

We believe that recent advances in MPUs and GPUs, mixed mode logic-analog integration,  low power A/D conversion, low power RF interfaces, sensors, power sources and CAD/CAM software have left us on the verge of an explosion in evolutionary automation possibilities, preceding unprecedented levels of human productivity increases, and eventually making possible the arrival of the man-machine singularity in some of its many forms.

Our company develops technologies aimed at making possible to achieve high levels of automation through which  human productivity will not be tied to its capacity to effect physical work, but only by its capacity to conceive and create.

Our Services

We provide global product development support services to corporate and entrepreneurial management teams, venture capitalists and funding agencies engaged in funding research and engineering activities for developing micro- and nano-enabled products.

We rely on a network of experienced scientists and engineers; working with technology entrepreneurs and legal professionals; effectively balancing theory, laboratory and entrepreneurial expertise, for a more successful outcome of a risky venture.

Our Methods

We are proponents of a product and system development “philosophy” that calls for top-down product specifications; and for products fabricated using modular and heterogeneous microsystems.  The result of imposing systematic design approaches, such as the ones we advocate, is reliable complexity buildup and continuous adaptation through evolutionary automation.

We design microsystems enabled products by dividing them into modules that can be reused, that are parametrized and represented as logical objects that can be integrated in CAD/CAM design systems.

We believe that products designed using this “imposed” methodological architectures can enable the emergence of widespread automation, large increases in human productivity and widespread participation of small manufacturing businesses into a high productivity global economy.

Our Products

Our products are mainly components, subsystems and software platforms to enable cost-effective rise of evolutionary automation for the design of machines, factories and robots.   We are not focused on developing end products other than for demonstration purposes and to expedite the efforts of our customers.

We envision our efforts contributing to the development of high adaptable automated assembly lines, and to the development of autonomic robots.

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