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Project: uB-HDL-100


Softbricks uB-HDL:  Microbricks Hardware Description Language (uB-HDL™)

Status: Under Development

Patent: Pending

Description: Microbricks Hardware Description Language (uB – HDL) is an object oriented  meta-language for describing heterogeneous integrated systems.  The language is being developed for the purpose of facilitating integration at package and die level, of systems that include logic, sensing, actuation and energy conversion.

Value Proposition: Softbricks uB-HDL™ is a high-level meta language designed to simplify the process of capturing  and distributing Microbricks™ specifications , our line of modular heterogeneous subsystems. The language allows inter-operability of our own design tools with other CAD and EDA resources.

Markets: R&D Laboratories, Universities, Small Businesses, Hobbyists

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