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Project: uB-OPTO-100


Optobricks-FAB™: Rapid Prototyping System for Custom Fabrication of Integrated Optics.

Status: Under Development

Year Started: 2010

Patent: Pending

Partners: University and Major Equipment Supplier

Private Funding: Seed

Public Funding: Pending

Description: Optobricks-FAB™ is a rapid prototyping and low volume production platform for modular integrated optics.  The platform enables development of low or moderate complexity integrated optical circuits for as little as $1000 per system with cycle times of approximately 2 days.

Value Proposition: The technology makes possible cost-effective experimentation and low volume prototyping of Optobricks™, the device architecture for rapid prototyping of optical circuits that our company has pioneered.

Markets: Universities, Research Laboratories,  Small Businesses

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