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Global Open Innovation Networks

We currently operate over 50 domain specific global open innovation networks with a total membership that exceeds 3000 scientists, engineers and business leaders in most regions of the world.

This growing global network allows us to address almost any technical or business problem using levels of expertise rarely available within the resources of most mid-size or even large businesses at costs that equalize asymmetries among competitors. Our response time ranges from days to just a few weeks,  giving us a time and cost advantage over conventional in-house innovation models.

We deliver executive agility and cost minimization by solving technical and business challenges using open innovation methods and our Global Research and Consulting Network (www.ubricks.net) that is centrally managed by our experienced Project Directors.

Our primary strategic and business goals are organized around solving problems involving product-centric miniaturization, modular integration and adaptive automation.  The full scope of our networks can be browsed at www.ubricks.net

Skillfully managing the resources of our global networks we are able to develop cost-effective products and  timely solutions for our global clients and business partners.

Join us today at www.ubricks.net using your LinkedIn Account.

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