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Contract R&D Services

We provide contract R&D services in areas such as heterogeneous integration, microsystems packaging, custom equipment development, reliability assessment, evolutionary automation and other related areas of technical expertise.

We also provide studies and assessments in support of design for manufacturing, outsourced fabrication, EMI/RF compatibility, ionizing radiation effects and system reliability.

We are experts in end-to-end cost analysis projections and return-on-assets studies, including project ROI estimates; a service that is of great value for investors and executives trying to deploy capital among conflicting priorities.

Our team of in-house experts posses over 100 years of combined experience conducting research, inventing products and deploying solutions in the microelectronics and microsystems technology space.

Our global consulting network includes over 3000 experts with access to over 100 major research and prototyping facilities.

We provide technical services in support of  Semiconductor Devices, Sensors and Actuators (MEMS), Testing and Characterization Equipment Development, and Assembly and Packaging Automation:

  • Microsystems

– Design and Simulation
– Costs Verification
– Risk Analysis
– Testing and Characterization Protocols
– Package Development
– Assembly Technologies
– Complete Failure Analysis
– End Product Integration
– Heterogeneous Integration

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  • Microelectronics

– Design and Simulation
– Package Development
– Failure Analysis
– Risk Analysis
– Testing and Assembly Automation
– Radiation Effects Testing and Simulation

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  • Testing and Assembly Equipment

– Equipment Design
– Cluster Demonstration
– Fab Workflow Integration
– Fab and Field Deployment
– Modular and Evolutionary Automation

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