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We work primarily in “productization” of new technologies through skillful conversion of scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs into “sellable” products that address customer needs creating small and middle size markets.

The risk of failure of the productization process of new technologies is extremely high mainly because success in this type of efforts involves compounding a very long chain of successful outcomes.

The risk in productization only becomes manageable towards the end of the chain, once customers have accepted a technology in large enough numbers.  However, this process requires very large frontal investment mostly based on hypothetical assumptions.

uBricks Research focuses efforts on controlling these frontal investments through systematization of  outsourcing, re-utilization, modularization and open innovation.

Most of our efforts are deployed around miniaturization of systems, development of better mass production technologies and modularization for re-usability and interoperability.

These “productization” methods make uBricks Research approach to product development radically different from the way most productization processes are carried out; and makes us uniquely qualified to rapidly create and deliver value to our global clients.

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