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Project: uB-OPT-RP100


Optobricks™: A Rapid Prototyping Technology for Optical Systems Prototyping and Small Volume Production.

Status: Under Development

Patent: Pending

Description: Optobricks™ is a rapid prototyping technology and fabrication method for manufacturing mesoscale optical circuits and prototype optical breadboards.  This prototyping technology addresses the need for improved reliability, rapid development and >10X cost reduction of low volume optical systems.

Value Proposition: The technology enables simplified design and fabrication of devices having feature sizes that are 50 to 100 times smaller than the corresponding system implemented using a conventional optical breadboard.  It is designed to enable rapid prototyping of medium complexity optical systems using a simplified fabrication setup.  We believe Optobricks™ can empower small and medium business to more successfully compete for optical systems prototyping and low production volume markets.

Markets: R&D Laboratories, Small Businesses, Universities, Hobbyists

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